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ICT Skits – grade 8


Risk Taker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRS0EJKe6tE

on friday oliver was sick and I couldn’t film it so we left off for saturday, when Oliver arrived I finished eating lunch we started practising. We used my dad’s phone so the quality wasn’t very good. When we were filming we had a few problems like where to film and what to use as props. When Oliver sent me the clips he didn’t send me the last, the longest and the funniest clip so we lost a lot of the video. The editing was difficult and my brother was using my mom’s computer for schoolwork and my dad was using his for something important, so I started editing pretty late. The final thing was alright but if we had the final clip that we lost I think it would be a lot funnier.

Caring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdbRX7Uw018&feature=em-share_video_user

I finished the script for caring and had to delete a lot of it because we didn’t have enough time to film it all. When we got round to filming it we realized Oliver’s phone was dead so we just used his computer. We didn’t practice because we didn’t have enough time so we started filming. When I got home Oliver sent me the videos and when I opened them I realized that they had no sound, so I sent Oliver an email saying that the clips had no sound. I tried dubbing it but the computer had too much background noise and the quality was really bad.


Oliver wrote the script for this one. We realized

The 7th MDG – humanities

The 7th MDGmdg-7

The 7th MDG is to ensure enviromental sustainability.

The 3 targets

  • Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resource

  • Halve, by 2015, the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation

  • achieve by 2020, a significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers

Why is it important

Climate change is becoming more and more dangerous, the polar ice caps are melting and sea level is rising, we need to find a way to stop climate change.

Has it been achieved?

I think it has not been achieved, global warming is still on the rampage and we still have a large pollution problem.

Has there been progress?

I think there has been progress in the past years, and yes, we are getting closer to acheiving MDG 7.

Poverty video games simulation – grade 8 humanities

Does having more facilities affect the survival possibilities for the family?
If I have more facilities will I survive for the 20 turns?
what I mean is that If I use facilities (barn, well, ect) Will my famlily thrive, Using facilities also means that I will take advantage of them and use tools and animals, I will be using peanuts since they are the most reliable. Survival as in will my family live for all 20 of the turns.

Action plan

Play for 10 turns without facilities and collect information. use peanuts. allowed to have children and get married.

Play 10 turns with facilities and collect information. use peanuts. allowed to have children and get married.
once played compare info and come up with a conclusion.



Not using facilities.

One turn is one year, and on the 3rd turn of not using facilities, the wife died, it is amazing how quickly she died. on the 5th turn the father got married again and the wife came with a present of 64 dollars. On the 7th turn the wife got pregnant and on the 8th turn a baby was born. on the tenth and last turn I had ended up with 488 dollars, 5 children, 2 parents and all of them were in good health.

Using facilities.

On the 4th turn My barn burnt down and I had 263 dollars. On my 5th turn I bought another barn. On my 7th turn one of the children died and i was left with one child, two parents. On the 9th turn I bought a well and was only able to plant one peanut plant. On the 10th turn I was broke but was offered 75 dollars. I was left with a barn, a well, some toxic barrels, one child and two parents.

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Scott Pilgrim – Book Week

ICT reflection – Grade 8

1. What did you enjoy most,why?

I enjoyed being able to tell people what to do when we were doing the school sketchup project. It was fun to be in power for once and not have people laugh and say “durr, dat angry seb doh” (they didn’t actually say durr but I just put that there to make them sound like idiots, which they are).

2. What was difficult?

I found the operating system research the most challenging, because I find research the most time consuming and I get bored reading and searching for things really fast.

3. What was did you learn?

I learnt how to code in the code instructor, and briefly learnt how to make a web page with that. I learnt a new piece of software called floor planner.

4. How can,what you learned be used in the future?

For a job and helping other people.

5. IB learner profile connection?

Grade 8 – Camp experience

On Monday morning we left school in a bus and then took 3 hours to get to a harbor where we got on a boat for half an our and the when on an 5 minute bus ride to where we were staying.

After that we ate dinner and then we went to the beach, It was fun, I took loads of photos on Ly’s camera.

We after that we had dinner and I watched movies on the tv in our room.

the next morning I was late to breakfast and only ate cookies and oreo softcakes, then we got on a bus and did the “Cat Ba langur games” It was basically capture the flag but with tags for lives and more rules, oh and more territories. It was cool ’cause we could pature lives and run around chasing people, you could run more and hide more becuase there were trees and bushes to hide from the enemy. then we got back and some people went to the beach before dinner, that night everybody stayed on the roof and two people got rejected after they asked someone out (not gonna say sames)

The next day we went on a 12k five hour glorified hike, after that we arived at a hotel and stayed there.

The next day we went on a boat ride and went kayaking, Sung Mo was half way through his banana when someone asked wherehis paddle was his answer? “I dunno” after that everybody tried to find his paddle and failed, then we got back to the boat, ate lunch and then went rock climbing, it was scary because one of them went high up and I freaked out when I asked what to do and the guy replied “now you let go” and so I freaked out and and finally let go. when we got of the bus we took a five minute bus ride back to the first hotel, everybody was angry that we took a 12k, five hour hike through the jungle and took a five minute bus ride back.

The next day we ate breakfast and got on the bus, after 2 bus rides and 1 boat ride we got back to school.

There were ups and downs on our camp and althought the hike was unnecessary I had fun on our camp week.