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Dear Parents and Families,

In Elementary, we have celebrated a few assemblies all with the focus on developing agreements about what we should do to make our school a great place to be.  We look closely at how we treat each other and try our best to get along.  After every Friday assembly, I am available to talk to parents about any school issues, concerns or celebrations.

At HIS, we credit ourselves on being a caring community that take a deep interest in each and every one of our students.  Next week, students will receive height and weight check-ups from our school nurse.

Sports Day will be on Tuesday 22nd September.  Mr Adam and Mr Andy do an incredible job of organising a whole school collaborative event at Xuan La.  Parents are invited to attend this whole day event.

On Wednesday you will receive a time and day for your meeting with the class teachers, as part of our Parent Teacher Conferences.  If you cannot make this time, please arrange another time with your child’s homeroom teacher.  This is an opportunity for you to share concerns and celebrations of your loved one.

Please remember that Wednesday 9th September is a late start.  Buses will do a later pick up than usual, Ms Hanh will let you know what the changes of the pick up times.  The school do 4 late starts a year, this is an opportunity for teachers to engage in ‘In-school professional Development’ and a constant strive towards school improvement.

A note from Ms Ali: “Two students who recently graduated from HIS are waiting in Hanoi until their university courses start in March – their names are Ji Hyuk (male) & Yeon Ju (female). They are hoping to get some work tutoring HIS students.  Ji Hyuk and Yeon Ju were 2 of our highest achieving students in the IB Diploma last year. They are both model students with great English skills.   If you receive a request for a tutor from a Korean family, please forward the following details:  Ji Hyuk:, Yeon Ju:

Please feel free to respond to my posts on this bog or at my school email address.

Lisa Hughes
Head of Elementary
Hanoi International School
Tel:  8448328140
Fax: 8448327535

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