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On April 11th -13th, 2016, HIS will undergo an intensive evaluation where we will assess ourselves against the standards and practices set by The International Baccalaureate Organization (IB).

It all began a year ago with something called the ‘Self-Study. ‘ The Self Study is a process of formal reflection in which the school’s stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, board members and administrators) honestly evaluate their achievements and ongoing initiatives that enhance the implementation of the IB programme.

Our previous visit was held in April 2012, to authorise our school.. Two IB representatives visited for three days, meeting with all stakeholders to verify the school’s self-assessment and to gather evidence in regards to the implementation of the programme. After the visit, a report was provided with commendations, identifying practices that were in place or went beyond the expectations of the programme.  An action plan was then created with objectives and monitoring systems to ensure that the school was working towards achieving our aims.

Our next step is to undergo programme evaluation.  The process of the evaluation visit is conducted in four stages:  

  • The self-study process  
  • The school visit  
  • The report from the IB  
  • The refinement of the action plan

What is the self-study?

The self- study is an important process guided by a questionnaire, which involves the whole school assessing the delivery of the PYP programme. The self-study questionnaire is based on the following practices and standards of the IB PYP Programme:  

  • Section A:Philosophy  
  • Section B: Organization  
  • Section C: Curriculum

Each section has a set of criteria which are measured both by the school and the IB. The self-study should reflect the results of discussions and reflections of documented evidence gathered in the process. How will we be measured? The school is measured against the IB Standards and Practices in its implementation of the programme.

HIS will not be compared to other schools but assessed on the outcome of our self-study questionnaire. Teachers represent a group or section and each group will be responsible for answering different sections of the practices and standards.

A time line will be defined of the objectives that will be achieve, means of how information will be gathered, e.g. meetings, surveys.  A Parent Evaluation Committee is an important component in the success of the PYP programme’s evaluation process, we would like to thank our group of parents for helping.

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Miss Lisa

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