Starting to say Goodbye!


Dear parents, friends and families,

We hope that you enjoyed looking at the school photos, I know I did!

Our Friday assembly was held in the library today due to the ‘big kids doing exams’ as one student informed us.  During this grade 3P assembly the students interacted with the audience, asking them questions about materials, it was such a warm and lovely feeling to know that each of the students knew the names of all the students in the school.  Our family atmosphere and caring nature continues, even as we say goodbye to some of our students and teachers.  Today we said goodbye to a very special grade 2 students and her family, we wish you all the best Vera on your travels and please keep in touch.

Bye Vera!

Bye Vera!

Please remember on Monday 9th May, there will be a non-student day in Elementary due to Student-Led Conferences.  Each family should have a time dedicated to come into school to talk about their learning.  Please be supportive and positive during this conference and let your child do all the talking and teaching, even in their own language.

Please find a definition from the IB about Student-led conferences (SLC’s):

“SLC’s involve the student and the parent. The students are responsible for leading the conference, and also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the process with their parents. It may involve students demonstrating their understanding through a variety of different learning situations. There may be several conferences taking place simultaneously.  The conference will involve the students discussing and reflecting upon samples of work that they have previously chosen to share with their parents. These samples have been previously selected with guidance and support from the teacher, and could be from the student’s portfolio. The student identifies strengths and areas for improvement. It enables parents to gain a clear insight into the kind of work their child is doing and offers an opportunity for them to discuss it with their child. The conferences must be carefully prepared, and time must be set aside for the students to practise their presentations. The format of this conference will depend on the age of the student and all of the participants must understand the format and their roles prior to the conference.”

Please find a link regarding more information:  SLC at HIS 2015.

Upcoming Dates:

Monday 9th May:  SLCs – non-student day

Friday 13th May: Grade 2G assembly in Library

Friday 20th May:  Pre-K-K assembly in the Library

Friday 27th May:  Grade 3C assembly in the Library

Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th June:  Grade 5 Exhibition

Wednesday 8th June:  Graduation Grade 5

Friday 10th June:  Leavers assembly in auditorium

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Head of Elementary
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