Being Kind



Dear Parent, Friends and Families,

The end of another week and this week was a short one.  Elementary Student council are a group of mixed-aged students created for the sole purpose of making school a better place to be.  Now we are focused on being kind and how to be kind to others and the benefits of being kind.

Being Kind – this site will give many ideas of how to be kind to one another, ourselves and the environment.  It is believed that amongst the list of benefits one thing kindness does promote is reducing stress.  Has your child every shown signs of stress?  What have you done to help them overcome stress?  You will find ideas on this website.

A huge congratulations to Ms Laura who has given birth to baby Otto.  Another big thank you to Grade 3 for their assembly today and for all the parents that came to support their child.  I saw a lot of happy children.

Next Tuesday, we will have a drama workshop for elementary school.   Students will have the opportunity to learn and observe professional actors at work and will have an opportunity to take part themselves.

I do hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

Lisa Hughes

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