Happy New Year!


Dear parents, friends and families,

A happy 2017 to you all and I hope that everyone had a restful and peaceful break.  During the break, I received some emails about the schools position on the air quality.  Please know that we have the interests of every child at heart when it comes to their health and safety.  Students can wear masks to school.  A brand of mask recommended is Neo Mask VC 65.  Families can check the AQI website; http://aqicn.org/city/vietnam/hanoi/us-embassy/.  At HIS, we will treat high levels of air pollution as wet recess and the children will stay inside. PE will be outside a majority of the time so bringing masks to PE is advised, if the index is high elementary students will remain inside. 


On Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th, we will celebrate Tet.  On Monday, the Vietnamese teachers will organise morning activities from 8-10, on Tuesday at 8am we will have an assembly to showcase the meaning of Tet, this will be performed by students.

Friday assemblies will start again this Friday, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher to find out when they are doing their assembly.


Many thanks,

Lisa Hughes
Head of Elementary
Hanoi International School
Tel:  8448328140
Fax: 8448327535

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