Post Valentine’s Day

Dear Parents, Friends and Families,

Our students and teachers had professional photographs taken this week.  We are really looking forward to the prints.  Parents will be given a sample copy of the photos and you will be able to choose from a range of packages.

Most of you have heard of the recent tragic passing of Matthew James, partner to Laura Gray.  Students, parents and teachers have contributed a substantial amount of money to help at this difficult time.  I would like to thank the PTA for spreading the word to the wider HIS community and for all the generous offerings of love and support.

You should all receive grade level newsletters on Friday, which highlight past and future units.  Also remember that all teachers at HIS have a blog with current postings of events in school and in classrooms.  Our school enjoy sharing what students are doing.

Secondary students will be involved in exams next week, so the auditorium will be out of use for assemblies and CCP’s.

Thank you for your own going support,

Lisa Hughes
Head of Elementary
Hanoi International School
Tel:  8448328140
Fax: 8448327535





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