Grade 1

Grade 1K class currently has 15 students representing different nationalities- Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, American, Indian, Italian and Canadian.  Ms. Kate is their teacher, she is from the Philippines and is on her 2nd year at HIS.  She is very happy to take on a new journey to teach Grade 1 this year.  She has a full time teacher assistant, Ms.Hoai who is experienced with assisting students and has been with HIS for several years.

The students are expected to further develop their self-management skills and be more independent as they enter a new environment in the elementary school.  They are developing into communicators, risk-takers and open-minded learners. The units are shared with Grade 2s and are designed to encourage learners to be more responsible individuals and to take on various roles.

The students have a range of specialist subjects; Vietnamese, Arts, Physical Education and Music.  In Grade 1 EAL (English as an Additional Language) learners join pull-out classes and are given extra learning support (ELS) to bridge the challenges on learning a new language.   The class enjoys various activities that encourage pair work, group work and individual tasks.  The classroom is located at the 3rd  floor, room 3.2.  The classroom has different learning stations to promote inquiry, ICT, reading and math.  It is equipped with toys, instructional materials and books to support the inquiry in class.  Visible thinking, differentiation and experiential learning are some of the highlights of this level.  The class practices enthusiasm, caring, respect, co-operation and appreciation to encourage a healthy class environment.

​The doors of Grade 1 are always open to all!

Please check out the grade 1K blog for more information.

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