Grade 3


Grade 3 is made up of sixteen incredible and enthusiastic learners with ties to seven different countries.  We have a good group of children with a range of personalities, learning styles and skill sets.  The 3rd graders are lead this year by Mr. Currie, who is in his second year at HIS, and is originally from Portland, Oregon in the USA.  Mr. Currie is supported by the creative and intelligent Ms. Xuan who has worked as a teaching assistant for a number of years at HIS.  Ms. Keiko in the ELS department helps support the English language needs of the students in both small group and in class support.  

Grade 3 is starting the year by exploring a unit on Who We Are and the beliefs we have.  Throughout the year we will have the opportunity to explore the importance of marketplaces, the creation of messages, the history of past civilizations and their effect on the world today, access to resources and the design and construction of buildings.  At the beginning of the year we are also working very hard at setting up good learning practices and solid routines in our reading, our approach to writing and how we work in the classroom.  In Math we have started the year by exploring place value and data handling and will continue to expand or math abilities throughout the year. Highlighting aspects of the learner profile to help inform and guide our learning for the coming year has already been a focus as well as building a strong classroom community among our students. 

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