Grade 5

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In Grade 5V, there are 3 teachers who teach us in class, 7 specialist teachers, 14 students and 24 learners. This whole team of learners creates a fun, diverse and talented team that learns together. Ms. Vani teaches the core subjects. Ms Lisa teaches numeracy and she team teaches with Ms. Laura during writing. In addition, the specialist lessons we are taught include Vietnamese, Korean, French, music, PE and visual arts. We also receive learning support from Ms. Keiko.

As fifth graders we strive to be self-managing learners. To achieve this, through the Learner Profiles and the Attitudes of the PYP, along with the conceptual understanding we build while making connections to what we are inquiring into, we hope that this will be achieved by the end of fifth grade.

We look forward to a productive and rewarding year of learning as we work together to support the children in becoming equipped with the knowledge, skills and values they will need as they journey through grade five and beyond.

Below is our schedule. Please, direct any questions or suggestions about grade five to Ms Vani at

grade 5V schedule

Vani Veikoso
PYP Coordinator/Grade 5 Homeroom
Hanoi International School

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