Early Years

This year our Pre K- K class is off to a great start! We have a lot of inquiring minds and students who are eager to learn. In our classroom we have 16 students who are from Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, Italy, China, and Japan.  Ms. Rebecca is the Pre K – K teacher this year. She is from the United States of America and holds a Bachelors and a Masters Degree. She previously taught in Kuwait and is very excited to be here with us at HIS. Ms. Kim Anh is the teacher assistant in the classroom and is from Vietnam. She has been working here at HIS and with children for many years. This year the students will be exploring 6 different units of inquiry, mathematics, and literacy. The students will also be working with our specialists in Vietnamese, Visual Arts, Music, and Physical Education. Along with academics, the students will be given opportunities to explore self-directed inquiry and play based activities. These lifelong learners are in for an awesome year!

Ms Rebecca:  rweitzel@hisvietnam.com

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