“HIS for Nepal” – T-shirts to support relief work in Nepal

On the 25th of April (during school holidays) a terrible eartquake struck Nepal. More than 7000 people were killed. Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless with entire villages flattened.

The PTA wants to support the group “Vietnam for Nepal” which was set up by the Nepali community in Hanoi. Some HIS parents are the driving forces behind this group. All members within the group are volunteers, and are concerned that funds raised should reach the survivors without needing to pay for administration costs, etc. “Vietnam for Nepal” is looking to raise funds to provide shelter for the survivors. Funds will be channelled through the Non Government Organisation ABARI which specializes in providing shelters and building sanitation facilities (see abari.org).

By buying a trendy, high quality, 100% cotton Nepali relief T-shirt (made by Boo (link in Vietnamese)) for yourselves and your friends you can help to raise the necessary funds needed to rebuild Nepal. On Monday the 11th of May a representative of “Vietnam for Nepal” will be in school and will receive orders for T-shirts. This is especially handy for parents (primary) that attend the student-led conferences om that Monday. You will also have the chance to see and feel the T-shirt with your own eyes/hands.

For all parents that will not be in school on Monday 11th of May. Please be aware that the Grade 5 students working on the topic of relief aid (for their exhibition) will be involved in coordinating/facilitating the “HIS for Nepal” actions. You can ask your child to bring your order form to school. Orders can be accepted till Friday 15th of May.

When ordering please make use of the Nepal order form.