PTA meeting Nov 19, 2015

Meeting from 15:15, to 16:30

Discussed Content:

  1. HIS International Day: November 27, 2015. The event starts at 08:00 am. Food festival from 11:30 to 12:30. Parents are asked to bring in a dish (sweet or savory) to share with others. Elementary students will get their food in their class. Secondary students will be free to jump from country table to country table in the cafeteria and on the second floor.
  2. PTA donates a gift of 1000 US$ to HIS to support the drama program for both Elementary and secondary.
  3. Hoodies for HIS students: PTA supports the ideas to make special hoodies for HIS students. Secondary students will work on the design.
  4. Parents concerns:
  • CCP: CCP terms are too short for students to learn new skills. Some CCPs have only very few students. Suggestion: (1) CCP terms could be longer (2 terms per school year), (2) After each term or each school year students could demonstrate what they have learned.
  • Student Lunch Card – advantages and disadvantages were discussed. The school will discuss with the caterer.
  • How to get more parents involve in the PTA meeting and parent activities? Suggestion: organise a PTA meeting in the early morning when parents bring their children to school.
  1. HIWC Bazaar: on 28 Nov. 2015 at St. Paul American School, Splendora, Hoai Duc, Hanoi. HIS has a booth at the bazaar. This year HIS focuses on elementary children. The PTA will support the HIS booth with a donation of 5 to 6 million VND (for the purchase of presents for children and for the printing of coloring books).
  2. Cook book project: A group of grade 12 students presented their cook book project to the parents
  3. Elementary school:
  • 106 parents came to the 3 Way conferences on Monday Nov. 16th. A big success!
  • Few parents from elementary go to the PTA meeting. We need more parents from elementary.
  • Thanks PTA for supporting bananas at sport’s day
  • Production: The Velveteen Rabbit. Show times will be Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th December, starting at 6.30. PTA will set up a bake sale on these two evenings.

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