International Day – 20 years HIS – November 11, 2016

HIS International Day 2015 10Every year in the month of November HIS organizes an International Day. As the 2016-2017 school year represents the school’s 20th birthday, celebrations will be bigger than ever.

A sneak peek of what can be expected on the big day (still tentative):

  • 08:30: Start, speech, flag ceremony
  • 09:45: Happy birthday
  • 10:15: Embassy games
  • 11:15-15:30: Performances, kid activities, My Gym
  • 12:00: Lunch
  • 13:00: Raffle
  • 14:00: Elementary buses leave
  • 15:30: Cutting of cake and happy birthday
  • 16:00: Buses for secondary students leave

Most of the activities will take place on the two sport fields next to the school. One field will have a tent for performances and stalls, and the other will have the flag ceremony and children’s activities such as My Gym. The field will also be used as a picnic place for lunch.

Parents involvement

Parents can participate in different ways:

  • On the big day we come to school to celebrate with students, teachers, staff and other parents.
  • We bring food from our own country to school to share with everyone. The parents of the big countries (Korea, Vietnam, Japan) work together: they set up a menu and divide the tasks for cooking and serving among the members of their own community. Smaller communities can of course do the same! The smallest communities (with only one student) are encouraged to contribute as well. We really appreciate diversity! This year the setup will be a bit different as compared to last year: this year ALL students (primary and secondary) will eat on the sport fields next to the school. The tables for food presentation and serving will also be set outside. Please note that there will be TWO serving sides: one for primary students, and one for secondary students (to avoid long queues). Food serving starts at 12:00. Parents can bring the food to school before 12:00. They can bring the food to the cafeteria. The school has a team of volunteers to bring the food to the field. If you have any question… let us know.
  • The PTA executive committee will set-up a drink booth. We need 8 volunteers for this drink booth (e.g. 4 Korean and 4 Vietnamese parents).
  • Parents are encouraged to bring a picnic blanket to school so that the children have a nice place to eat their food.
  • Some parents are involved in setting up activities (for the children)
  • Parents can participate in the raffle (the school sent out a mail on this)

Parents who have never attended an International Day can find the 2015 International Day pictures on the PTA blog.


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