Newsletter 14 November 2014

Welcome to the latest newsletter. It feels like it has been a long time since the last issue, but if we exclude Camps week, then it has been only the usual two week interval.

In this issue

  • International Day
  • HIWC Bazaar
  • Introducing the MYP
  • Student Performance updates
  • Dates for your Diary
  • Photo Gallery

International Day

Our annual International Day celebrations will take place this Wednesday, November 19th. This is an all day event and involving students, teachers and parents. I hope you will be able to join us for at least a part of the day; it is great fun and a wonderful opportunity to see aspects of the multitude of cultures that make up the HIS community.

HIWC Bazaar

HIS usually runs a raffle stall at the HIWC bazaar, but this time we have decided we would like to change what we offer. We have a stall in the children’s activities area where children will be making paper snowflakes. It promises to be fun and a great opportunity to showcase the school. If you are attending the fair, please drop by.

If you want to buy tickets for the Bazaar, Christy Rose will be selling them during International Day.

Introducing the MYP

Our exploration of the IB Middle Years Programme and whether we should introduce it at HIS continues in the Secondary school. We used the Late Start last week to work on Unit Planning according to the MYP approach, which is closely related to the Understanding by Design Framework, widely considered one of the best ways to plan and create meaningful learning.

We will shortly be sending out a related questionnaire for parents, which I hope many of you will complete. Parental input is an important component for making a decision about how to proceed, so your feedback will be most appreciated.

Communicating with parents about student’s academic performance

It is well-known that active parental support is an important factor in helping students perform as well as they can. Recently, we sent home emails to the parents of all  G6-10 students whose academic performance in any subject continued to be below a D, following on from the Quarter 1 Reports. We have had some very positive feedback about this, but we are also conscious that some parents have some criticisms of this process.

If you have any strong feelings one way or the other, I would appreciate your feedback. We believe strongly that we must find ways for parents to know how their children are performing, as this gives both the students and parents an opportunity to reflect and make changes that lead to improved results. For example, would you prefer to receive periodic emails with updates, or would you prefer to have access to ManageBac so you can check up on your student’s performance whenever you wish? If you are not sure what ManageBac is, please ask your Secondary student.

I look forward to receiving any feedback or ideas you have on this matter.

Dates for your Diary

  • Wednesday November 19th: International Day
  • Sunday 23rd November: HIWC Bazaar at UNIS
  • Thursday 11th December: Parent-Teacher Conference (more details to follow)
  • Friday 12th December: Last day of Semester 1. School closes at 11 am.
  • Saturday 13th December – Sunday 11th January: Winter Break. School Closed
  • Monday 12th January: Semester 2 Begins.
  • Monday 26th January – Wedmesday 4th February: G10 & 12 Mock examinations
  • 5-8 February: MRISA Senior Basketball @ISPP
  • Friday 13th February: School closes for Tet at 11 am
  • Saturday 14th – Monday 23rd February: Tet Holiday. School Closed
  • Tuesday 24th February: Late Start, classes commence at 10:30 am.

Photo Gallery

I’m experimenting with a new gallery style this week, so if you have any feedback or preference one way or the other, do let me know.


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