A fantastic result for Blue Dragon

I just received the following message from Kim Miller, from Blue Dragon.

Just wanted to pop into your inbox quickly to tell you about something significant that happened here at Blue Dragon last week!

The Blue Dragon Rescue Team rescued 56 (56!!!) victims of Human Trafficking last week; all from Dien Bien province.

Following a tip off, and over a number of days, our rescue team was able to apprehend 3 different buses filled with trafficking victims, as they were on the way to the Chinese border. The traffickers have been arrested and it looks like we have put a major trafficking ring out of action! This particular ring has already trafficked 100 people this year – and it’s only March – so we can only imagine how many lives the rescue team has just ultimately saved.

Michael has written a blog post about the rescues, but he also did a radio interview on Australian Radio yesterday morning which you might like to listen to and to pass on to your students.

What a fantastic result! Congratulations to everyone involved in this action. This is a particularly heart-warming result for us here at HIS, since our Grade 11 class spent some time with the Dien Bien Phu community earlier this year.

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