Newsletter 4th September 2015

Welcome to the latest issue of the newsletter. In this issue:

  • Late Start on Wednesday
  • New Executive Student Council
  • Very successful coffee mornings
  • Helping your children with time management
  • Dates for your Diary

No photos this time, I’m afraid. Hopefully I’ll have more ready for the next newsletter.

Late Start on Wednesday

A reminder that Wednesday will be a late start day. Secondary students should not arrive at school until 10:15, when they will need to go to homeroom briefly to take attendance, before starting their period 4 classes at 10:30.

We use the Late Start sessions for professional development workshops. This session Secondary teachers will be focusing on Approaches to Learning Skills, which are at the heart of both the MYP and the DP.

myp-model-en dp-model-en

New Executive Student Council

Last week we held this year’s elections to elect the leadership group of the Student Council – the SC Executive. I would like to congratulate all the candidates on their campaigns; the hard work that many had put into their campaign speeches was very obvious.

A particularly warm welcome to the winning team: Dinh Hai Ha (President), Kim So Yeon (Vice-President), Baek Sungwook (Secretary), and Kim Jin Seok (Treasurer). I look forward to working with them this year, and to seeing what they come up with and how they aim to build on the work of last year’s team.

Very successful coffee mornings

This morning and last Friday we held Coffee Mornings for parents of G6-10 parents, with a total of about 35-40 parents attending the two events. I was unsure how many would come, so it was a wonderful surprise to see so many of you. We have had a range of parents attending, from those who we see regularly, to new parents, to some who have been here for a while but often cannot join us.

As always, comfort levels with English is a concern, but we seem to be managing in that respect. One of the IB Learner Profile attributes is to be a Risk-Taker, and it is great when we can model this behaviour. Perhaps this will give you something to talk about and share with your children this weekend.

We will schedule further coffee mornings, and I hope you will continue to find them useful. If you have anything you would like to discuss at these sessions, send me an email.

Helping your children with time management

At today’s coffee morning we spoke about supporting students through their studies over the next year or two, and how skills such as planning, organisation and time management are as important as academic ability. In fact, in many cases they are MORE important than academic ability. The brightest, cleverest students will often find that when the work becomes really challenging, and the workload is very heavy, that they have not developed the strategies to deal with this. Our goal, of course, is to avoid this from happening, so helping all students develop good time management skills is important.

Randy Pausch gave a very good lecture containing a lot of extremely good advice and the whole lecture is excellent. But there is one particular section, talking about how to manage to-do lists, which is particularly worth paying attention to and sharing with your children. I’ve embedded the section below.

Dates for your Diary

  • Monday 7th Sept: University visit – Californis Irvine
  • Wednesday 9th Sept: Late Start – School starts at 10:30
  • Wednesday 9th Sept: PTA first meeting @HIS, 4:30 pm
  • 17-20 Sept: MRISA Leadership @ISE
  • Tuesday 22nd Sept: Whole School Collaborative Sports Day
  • 24-25 Sept: ISA Testing, Grades 7 & 9 only
  • 3rd- 13th October: Autumn Break.
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