Newsletter 2nd October

Welcome to the mid-term break. However long a term is, whether 8 weeks or 16, it always seems that everyone is exhausted in the last week of term. This time has been no exception, and there are a lot of students and teachers who will very much appreciate a hard-earned week of rest and relaxation and recharging of physical and mental energy. Although I know many students, particularly those in Grade 12, will be spending time doing some serious studying over this week, please make sure they do also rest and relax. There is no point working so hard that they burn themselves out!

The ISA testing in Grades 7 & 9 went very smoothly last week and the papers should be in Australia by now – we anticipate receiving the results in mid-December. Camps Week planning is well under way and homerooms have begun discussing preparations, equipment etc. And the Bali crew are almost ready to board their plane, off for a week learning about the Global Issues Network. So, lots going on, as always. Life in school is rarely quiet, rarely peaceful, but that is probably the way it should be. I am sure many parents will agree when I say that it is when our children are at their quietest that we should be most concerned!

Hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter. If you have any feedback, please let me know. For example, are there any topics you would like to be able to read about here?

In this issue:

  • Students submitting homework late at night
  • Parental access to ManageBac
  • Reporting in Secondary this year
  • Horrifying stories in Grade 8 English!
  • A French afternoon out
  • Dates for your Diary
  • Photo Gallery

Students submitting homework late at night

Some students are staying up extremely late to finish homework. Some teachers have recently received homework submissions from their students at 3:50 in the morning, for example. This is not acceptable. No one should be working on their homework or studies at that time of the night. Night time is for sleeping.

Ideally, all students will be going to sleep no later than 10 pm. We understand that evening commitments sometimes mean students feel the need to stay up studying later than this, but one of the most useful ways a student can contribute to their learning and prepare for the next day is by getting a good night’s sleep. It would be far better to turn in a piece of work of perhaps lesser quality, but arrive at school having slept well.

Students are expected to complete all work set and prepare well for assessments, but on the odd occasion they may not do this as well as they can. We understand this. However, if they are consistently unable to meet their school commitments without staying up until extremely late, then this a concern and I ask you to discuss this with your child’s homeroom teacher as a starting point.

Please monitor carefully your children’s sleeping habits and make sure they are going to sleep at a sensible time. And that they are not getting up again in the middle of the night to complete schoolwork!

We will be reviewing homework loads when we return after the break, to ensure that we are being fair in the amount of work we are asking students to complete at home.

Parental access to ManageBac

All Secondary parents should now have received an email with details of how to log into ManageBac. If you have not received this, you can gain access by going to the school’s website, following the link to ManageBac under the LOGIN menu item, and then following the link to “Forgot your password?”. Please be sure to use the email address you have registered with the school. If you have any issues with this, please let the Main Office know and we’ll help get things working for you.

Reporting in Secondary this year

As I have previously noted in this newsletter, we have made some adjustments to reporting this year. There are no Quarter reports, instead parents have been given access to ManageBac and are asked to actively monitor student performance with this. If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please communicate with their homeroom teacher or the subject teacher concerned.

We will have our whole day Parent-Student-Teacher conferences on the 2nd November. Please note this in your diaries and make time to attend these conferences. This will be a key opportunity for you to talk to your students’ teachers to understand how to help them make final improvements to performance as we head towards the end of the semester. It will also be a chance to hear some of the stories from Camp.

Shortly after we return from these holidays, I will send out appointment booking information so you can plan your attendance on the 2nd November well in advance.

Horrifying stories in Grade 8 English!

ScaryShortStoriesMs Carina’s Grade 8 English class recently spent time learning how to write scary short stories, and she has published a collection of their work in the form of an ebook. Her students are very excited that their stories are being published. In Ms Carina’s own words

“I am proud to present this collection in the form of an e-book, made readily accessible for everyone and anyone who delights in the uncanny and the supernatural. Fear can be fascinating. May you enjoy reading this book! … my students are very excited about this!”

You can download either format through the links below. If you enjoy the stories, I am sure Ms Carina and her students would love to hear your feedback!

Personally, I am looking forward to sitting down with a good cup of coffee and enjoying these stories over the next week.

A French afternoon out

From Monsieur Antoine:

To end the quarter, the French DP students went to the image2restaurant breton Le Biniou in Tay Ho for a lovely lunch. They enjoyed there excellent crêpes, boardgames and a two hour long francophone session, with various conversations, cultural comments and gastronomical appreciation!”

“Pour terminer cette première série de classes, les élèves de français du Diploma sont allés au restaurant breton Le Biniou, situé à Tay Ho, pour un déjeuner détente. Au menu: des crêpes délicieuses, des jeux de plateau, et une session en français de deux bonnes heures faite de conversations variées, de commentaires culturels et d’appréciation gastronomique !

Dates for your Diary

  • 3rd- 13th October: Autumn Break.
  • 3rd October: Girls & Boys Volleyball @ Olympia School
  • 14th – 21st October: Bali Trip to attend the GIN Conference
  • 26th – 30th October: Secondary Camps Week
  • 2nd November: Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences, all day. No school for students, though they are required to attend conferences with their parents.
  • 5th November: UKMT Senior Competition
  • 5th – 8th November: MRISA Sr Volleyball @SSIS
  • 9th November: Late Start

Photo Gallery

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One Response to Newsletter 2nd October

  1. Maria Carina Schlieske says:

    On behalf of my Grade 8 English A class, thank you, Mr. David, for posting their e-book in this newsletter.
    As already mentioned by Mr. David, if you enjoy the stories, my students and I would love to hear your feedback.
    We hope that you all take the time to relax and enjoy reading “Scary Short Stories” during the short vacation.
    Happy October break!
    Ms. Carina

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