How to sign up for the Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences on 2nd November

Our first Parent-Student-Teacher conferences this year will take place on the 2nd November, from 8 am to 5 pm. You may attend at any time throughout the day, but you do need to book your meetings in advance. This year we have not sent home Quarter reports, which means these conferences are a very important opportunity for you to learn about your child(ren)’s progress before the formal Semester reports are issued in December. This is also a good opportunity to hear from teachers about how Camps went.

In addition, we will run two workshops, from 9-9:30 and from 2-2:30 to help you learn how to make use of ManageBac to monitor student progress. These are drop-in workshops, you will not need to attend the whole session.

We will be using the online system that we used last year as this worked particularly well. You can begin the process by accessing this webpage

Once there, follow the instructions to set up an account and sign up for your appointments with your children’s teachers. You can sign up for multiple children at the same time.

Please be aware of the following:

  1. Appointments can be made up until the day before the conferences.
  2. Only one parent per family should set up appointments, to avoid confusion.
  3. These are Parent-Student-Teacher conferences. We expect your children to accompany you to these meetings.
  4. In order to ensure that everything is fair, we will insist that you stick to your chosen times. Please ensure that you arrive on time so you can take advantage of all the time available. Teachers will not be expected to make time for parents who arrive late.
  5. Parents must not expect to be able to sign up for appointments on the day. Teachers will not be expected to meet with parents who did not sign up in advance, though they may choose to do so.

We are all looking forward to the chance to have a chat with you about how things are going this year.

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