Newsletter 9th November

Edited to correct the dates for International Day and the HIWC Bazaar

Well, I was supposed to get this newsletter out on Friday but I am now very glad I didn’t. What a weekend! I was following the news about the volleyball, hearing about the results as they were coming in, and then of course the historic news that the Senior Girls Team had won their, and our, very first MRISA Cup! Wonderful news! I believe some of the celebrations are still ongoing, and that there are a collection of parents out there this week who may not be able to speak too well because they spent all Saturday screaming!

Below is a video Mr Chad recorded this morning of the arrival of our victorious team and the honour parade awaiting them.

The girls team have now set the bar very high for everyone else – well done! We are all extremely proud of you and of your coach, Mr. Jeffrey.

In this issue

  • New IB Parents Page
  • A day at the theatre
  • MUN
  • Sports Day
  • Korean Literature Night
  • Dates for your Diary
  • Photo Gallery

New IB Parents Page

For parents wanting to know more about IB programmes, the curriculum, university-related issues, and other matters; the IB have just released an information page that has what looks like a lot of useful information

IB: Information for Parents

They are asking for feedback on how useful this is, so please do take a look and let them know what you think. You can let us know as well, especially if this raises any questions, or you have suggestions for workshops or information sessions you would like us to raise at a Coffee Morning or some other time.

A day at the theatre

The Canterville Ghost

On Wednesday the 4th, the Grade 9 and 10 students went to see the Canterville Ghost, at the Cong Nhan Theater. This classic play is based on the novel by Oscar Wilde, and presented by the TNT touring company. They enjoyed the performance that pleasantly mixes comedy, mystery, singing and social satire. The show was followed by a group conversation about the play, its content, and what made it so interesting.

Our facilities make it very difficult to offer Drama or Theatre as subjects at HIS, but Mr Antoine is running an Improv CCP, and Ms Yoonhee and Ms Sunyoung are working with students on preparing for Korean Literature Night. I hope as many students as possible will take advantage of these opportunities to get on stage and develop their performance skills.


As some of you are aware, we have been trying for a couple of years to organise participation at an international MUN event. Our MUN experience has been growing rapidly, and this year over 20 students signed up for this CCP. We are already registered to participate in the MUN event in March and this year will take 12 students – double the number who participated previously.

Organising an international school trip is a complex affair which often involves a steep learning curve. We signed up to participate in the CISSMUN conference in Shanghai, but a range of factors including high costs, time management and visas have made this impossible to arrange in time. One of the things we have clearly learned is that for events of this type to take place, we should probably start planning a year in advance!

My thanks to Mr Chad who has been leading the MUN at HIS this past couple of years, and to Ms Nic who has got involved this year. If you would like your children to participate in one of the many international MUN events that take place around the region each year, please contact Mr Chad and/or Ms Nic directly to let them know. We will try again next academic year, but planning will start well in advance, this time.

Sports Day

We have really been struggling with the weather this year for our Sports Days. Although we could go out on a wet day, they have been just a bit too wet, and although we would almost certainly have a lot of fun, it is not particularly safe in very wet conditions.

Based on today’s weather, we took the decision to postpone to Thursday. The weather forecast is much better then, so fingers crossed, we’ll all head out to Xuan La later this week.

I hope we will see lots of parents out at the stadium enjoying the day out with us.

Korean Literature Night

Last year Grade 9-12 Korean students hosted our first Korean Literature Night. As the only non-Korean in the room (I think), I understood nothing of what was actually said, but from their translations for the programme, and from watching their plays and videos, I was able to understand most of what was happening and really enjoyed seeing them bringing to life and showing their understanding and appreciation of the literature they had been studying in their IGCSE and IB Diploma classes.

The second Korean Literature Night will be taking place next week on Wednesday 18th November, from 5 to 7 pm. I am looking forward to attending and seeing how things have developed since last year.

Dates for your Diary

  • 12th November: Sports Day
  • 18th November: Korean Literature Night, 5 – 7 pm
  • 19th – 22nd November: MRISA Junior Basketball @VIS
  • 19th November: PTA Meeting, in the Library, from 3:15
  • 20th November: Teachers’ Day
  • 27th November: HIS International Day
  • 28th November: HIWC Bazaar @ St Paul American School
  • 9th December: Secondary Reports go home
  • 11th December: Last day of Semester 1. School finishes at around 11 am
  • 12th December – 10th January: Winter Break
  • 11th January: First day of Semester 2

Photo Gallery

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