Brief updates

A couple of brief updates before Tet.

  1. Mr Daniel, our MYP Coordinator, has started a blog for parents to learn about the implementation of the MYP at HIS. This is a 2-year process we starting formally this year. We’ll be having a visit from our MYP Consultant in April, and if all goes to plan, the verification visit will take place towards the end of next academic year, at which point we will become an official full IB Continuum school. We will be running workshops for parents so you can learn more about what we are doing. Very exciting!
    Read more at The MYP at HIS 
  2. I know parents often love seeing pictures of what is happening during daily life at school, and I try to include a photo gallery in every newsletter. However, I have decided to try experimenting with something new that I’ve seen happening in other schools. On the right of this blog you will see an Instagram feed, which I will be updating as I walk around school and see things happening. You can also follow hissecondaryhead on Instagram if you use this service.
    I hope you will enjoy this addition to the blog and the opportunity it gives you to get a glimpse of daily life at HIS.
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