IT Survey for Secondary Parents

We are currently investigating whether to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for some or all students in the Secondary School. Information Technology (IT) has become a core component of teaching and learning, and there are many ways in which regular access to such technology can significantly improve learning. In many ways, IT has become as ubiquitous and as necessary as a pen and paper!

A BYOD policy would mean that students would be required to bring a laptop meeting certain specifications to school every day, thereby ensuring they can always access technology as a regular tool for learning.

We would very much appreciate parental input in helping us with our investigation and policy development. Firstly, please complete the survey through the link below. Then, if you are interested in being more involved in this process, at the end of the survey you can provide your name and email details. We will then plan to gather interested parents together to discuss this issue in greater detail.

IT Survey

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